We highly recommend purchasing pre-order, buy-in items, and in-stock items separately from each other. If purchased together the order will ship once ALL items are in-stock which may delay your order.


Pre-Orders are offered on select items prior to their arrival to our warehouse. Payment for these items will need to be made in advance and will ship along with the rest of your order once your full order is in-stock in our warehouse.

Expected Delivery
Items will list an expected arrival date in the item description. This date is the expected arrival date to our warehouse and is only our best estimate. Delivery times can vary depending on weather conditions, custom's processing, and more.  Once the item(s) arrive to our warehouse they are typically processed within 3 business days and shipped out to you.  


Buy-Ins are a special type of  product offer where you can pre-order an item that we may bring into stock if enough interest in shown.  These items will display a cutoff ordering date in the product description along with the minimum quantity needed for the buy-in to occur.  If this minimum number is not reached the order may be cancelled and refunded to you.

Buy-ins allow us to offer more products as we can negotiate lower rates with our vendors with a bulk purchase. Due to this the buy-in price will typically be lower than the in-stock price should the item be ordered and kept on hand.   

Expected Delivery
Both Pre-Orders and Buy-Ins will show an order by date in the description, along with an expected arrival date to our warehouse.  Once we receive the items you can expect your order to ship in 3-5 business days.  

If a buy-in item does not meet the minimum quantity needed, the buy-in will be cancelled.  Anyone who bought into the item will be refunded in the same manner in which they paid. Once an order for a buy-in has been placed it cannot be cancelled by the customer.